Route Map

2016 Route Guide Printable PDF now available!

Over six and a half hours of driving. A thirteen hour day. This is not a drive for the faint of heart. The inaugural Chase the Sun Run will be held on April 30, 2016. Starting at Bombay Beach at sunrise and arriving at Dana Point by sundown, the run will see some of the best roads and scenery Southern California has to offer. In one day, you will see the near ghost town of Bombay Beach, fertile sugar beet fields around the Salton Sea, desert playgrounds full of adventurous off roaders, cool pine forests, mountain vistas, a former gold mining town, the largest natural freshwater lake in the state, oak woodlands that once covered the area, gentle grass prairies, one of the first roads developed by one of the original Spanish explorers that was a part of setting up the famous California Missions, and the great Pacific Ocean. All this, in one day.

Now for those who may not be up for making the whole trip, we have spots planned along the route where you can meet up with the group and partake in different legs of the ride. There will be stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner allowing for some needed breaks and socializing. Photo opportunities abound whether it's a picture by the Salton Sea amongst the ruins of Bombay Beach as the sun rises over the hills to the east, the view over the inland valley as you climb into the mountains in the afternoon or a dramatic sunset by the beach. There are great picture spots on every leg of the trip so be sure to bring your camera and video equipment if you desire!

For many of us, the best part about these runs isn't where you end up but the drive to your destination. Here is no exception. For riders, the views you will see are spectacular. For the drivers though, we are tackling some of the best roads in Southern California. From Montezuma's Grade coming up out of the desert in Borrego Springs to the windy South Gate road coming down off Palomar Mountain to the scenic roller coaster ride of De Luz Road and even the world famous Ortega Highway originally built in the 1920s there are plenty of twists and turns to get even the most experienced driver's blood pumping. The route has been planned out though to allow drivers to take a bit of a break behind the wheel between technical sections by inserting less demanding sections of road between the more demanding sections. The group will be divided by different skill levels as well so as to let drivers less inclined to pushing the limits of their car drive within their comfort zone and enjoy the ride.