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Want to know how a certain paintball marker works? Want to know how a regulator works? Want to know how propane powered markers work? Pretty much every valve system you can think of has been animated here! Check out's Marker Animation page! Great resource!
Now with more pulp...or Blog rather.
So I figured that it was time to live up to that "other various nonsense" up there in the title of this page and actually add a blog to the site. Yea, it's thin. Yea, I don't have much to say yet. But I know in the days and weeks and months and years to follow that there will be pleanty of "nonsense" added to more than live up to the advertising. Smart Parts announced a new fire mode targeted at the rental player called the "Billy Ball" mode. This mode features a blistering 0.5 balls per second (not a typo) to help ease the new player into sport. Is this something the sport needs as a necessary adaptation for these troubled economic times?
Is it bigfoot or a paintball sniper?!?! First strike rounds - why Do they work? - The average effective range of a paintball is about 150 feet, or 50 yards.  Beyond that the ball will probably not break if you hit your target.  Until now.  Enter the Tiberius Arms First Strike paint round.  They claim more range and more accuracy without a change in velocity.  What makes them work and are these claims valid?
Is it bigfoot or a paintball sniper?!?! Paintball Snipers -- real or imagined? (updated 2013) - Nothing, and I do mean nothing, will start a paintball forum flame war faster than this topic. It takes more than a big barrel and a scope to make anything remotely resembling a "paintball sniper"...if they even exist. With the addition of First Strike rounds and magazine fed markers, everything has changed.
Being a paintball ref is a demanding responsibility. M203 style grenade launchers - Sometimes during a scenario game the difference between success and failure is determined by a single, well placed, football shaped piece of foam with fins on it.  Of course I’m talking about scenario LAWs (also known as rocket launchers) and the little Nerf Vortex rounds that they fire.  While most players will use a collection of metal pipes and PVC, there is another way of firing these little neon orbs of destruction…the airsoft based M203 style Grenade Launcher.
That's a CLOSE one! Paintball Accuracy - Part Three - The last part in this three part series. We have covered the physics involved with paintball and the way a paintball is affected in flight. Now we discuss how all these things come together with the different parts of your marker and what you can do to improve your marker's accuracy! Be sure to read the first two parts fist though!
Paintballs are affected by many factors during their flight to the target. Paintball Accuracy - Part Two - The second part in this three part series we talk about the way a paintball is affected in flight. Gravity, wind, velocity, even the shape of the paintball all play a part in how it flies through the air. If you haven't already read Part One below, start there.
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