08/12/2013 - Arranged the links page and added a couple new websites to the B-17 Group Links section.

07/04/12 - The story of Ol' Dad continues. A gentleman from England on holiday in the States meets Major Shaddix, pilot of Ol' Dad, and visits Thorpe Abbotts. Read about it on our Personal Stories page. Also changed the pictures and edited the text on the Pilot/Co-Pilot page. Added a like to the Military Heritage Database on the links page.

06/02/12 - Finished uploading all the photos to the B-17F section. More to come soon.

04/11/12 - Added a very special video to the Personal Stories page. The video is an interview with WWII veteran Lou Roffman who was a flight engineer on B-17s in the Pacific. Mr. Roffman was at Hickam Field on December 7, 1941 and attempted to get a B-17 airborn during the attack. Later in the war, his unit was sent to Midway and participated in the naval battle that took place there June 4-6, 1942. A very rare look into the life of B-17 crews serving in the Pacific.

06/14/11 - Fixing a ton of typos I'm finding on the Crewmembers pages.

06/13/11 - One day over three years and I finally have updated this site. Sadly, it is with the news that the B-17G "Liberty Belle" has been destroyed by fire today. She was taken off from an airport just outside Chicago when her #2 engine caught fire. The pilots were able to land her safely and the people on board who had paid for a ride in the aircraft all got out safely with only one minor injury being reported. Unfortunately, "Liberty Belle" burned and was broken in half by what witnesses claim was an explosion.

06/12/08 - Put three more stories up on the Mission Stories page.

06/11/08 - Put the first story on the Mission Stories page. This story comes from the Pacific theater. A solo recon mission over enemy territory turns into a fight for survival with two crewmembers being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for two seperate actions during the fight. Also added more information to the Squadron Information Page. Also added a bunch of Pacific Bomb Groups to the Squadron Information page including some units that served in Alaska and on the West and East coasts of the Continental United States doing anti-submarine warfare work.

06/10/08 - The 15th Air Force information is finished on the Squadron Information page. There is still information on individual squadrons that I could not find but will continue to look for to finish out this information when possible. Also, I got a little ambitious today and set up sections for other Air Forces equipped with the B-17 throughout the world. Some are really hard to get information on but I will be doing research for at least the Pacific units this week. As always, any information would be appreciated.

06/06/08 - After adding the images yesterday to the Squadron Information page I felt that wasn't enough of a change to that page. So now, the page has been updated again but in a much bigger way. More information has been added to try and complete the information on each group and I have added the Bomb Group and Bomb Squadron patches where I could. Still finishing out the 15AF section in this new design but it should be up by the beginning of next week.

06/05/08 - Added some images to the Squadron Information page. More changes coming to that page soon.

06/04/08 - Big news and the first REAL update to the site today. After almost five years a new section is finally up! Check out the B-17G section under B-17 Variants! No pictures yet, and still only one page of pictures on the B-17F section, but I hope to make some progress on those this week.

06/02/08 - Changed the titles on a number of pages (this one included) to reflect the new style. Also, the titles for the Crewmembers' Positions pages has been updated to include a little diagram highlighting the crewmember's position in relation to the aircraft.

05/31/08 - After a year and a half of not having time for this site I have finally found some time to get some work done on it. As you can see, the site has changed quite a bit looks wise. Most things are still the same with just a facelift. However, one new item is our Online Store hosted by Cafe Press. Check it out! Look for more updates in the coming weeks...it's about time.

9/18/06 - The Tale of Ol' Dad continues! More information received today including a the personal war story of her tail gunner.

03/07/06 - Updated the link for Sally B.

12/08/05 - The Memphis Belle has lost her fight to stay in Memphis and now resides at the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH.

2/21/05 - Please help keep the Memphis Belle in Memphis. For more information, please visit the official web site of the Memphis Belle.

12/8/03 - Finally have updated the pictures on the B-17F section of the site. More to follow tomorrow.

10/23/03 - Updated the Personal Stories page with a new story that I just received today. Look for pictures to be added to this site later this week.

7/31/03 - The first page of pictures has been added to the B-17F section of the site. More shall follow shortly. Also, I will be updating the combat information for the B-17F to include more Pacific and Mediterranean information.

7/28/03 - It has been a while but the B-17F pages are now up. Currently it is text only but pictures will be added by the end of this weekend. A lot of information is available on this version of the aircraft and thus the reason for the long delay in putting up the pages and pictures.

7/2/03 - More Veteran's information has been posted on the Veteran's page. This data is about 6 years old.

7/1/03 - Pictures have been added to the B-17E section.

6/28/03 - Added a number of B-17 Squadron sites to the links page. More to come!

6/27/03 - Pictures have been added to the B-17A-D section. More pictures for the B-17E section should be up over this weekend.

6/26/03 - The B-17A-D page and the B-17E page are both up and running! More content to follow. Look for pictures to be added to these sections sometime later this week.

6/21/03 - All the crewmember position pages are up! Please feel free to write if you have any comments or suggestions.

6/5/03 - The last of the pictures for the Prototype history section are up!

6/4/03 - Added pictures to most of the Prototype history section. Last page of photos will be up tomorrow.

6/3/03 - Now the first of the B-17 Information pages are up. Check out the B-17's Prototype history.

5/15/03 - Added the Pilot / Co-Pilot, Waist Gunner, Tail Gunner, About Us, and Media and Links pages to the site.

5/14/03 - Added the Personal Stories and Veteran's Pages to the site.

5/13/03 - Added the Squadron Information page to the site.

5/12/03 - Launched B-17 Flying Fortress Queen of the Sky Homepage! We're back after almost 6 years of being gone!


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